General Terms and conditions

1 - Introduction

1.1 Magic Services Ltd is operating under a Class 1 License number LGA/CL1/402/2007 dated 3rd January 2010 and a Class 3 license number LGA/CL3/402/2007 dated 3rd July 2009 issued by and wholly regulated by the Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authority ( LGA ).  The registered address of Magic Services Ltd is situated at 30 Kenilworth/1 Sir Augustus Bartolo Street, Ta Xbiex, Malta (Registration Number C 42453 ). Magic Services Ltd operates on the casino gaming system provided by Sportalnet Ltd with License Number LGA/CL4/199/2005 and poker gaming system with License Number LGA/CL4/511/2008 both granted and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (

Sports betting is offered under the Class 2 license granted to Sportalnet Ltd by the LGA and all betting contracts on the sportsbook are between the registered Player and Sportalnet Ltd.

The regulations of the contract are established between the registered Player and Magic Services Ltd and are regulated by the present conditions and the Maltese Laws. By registering with Magic Services Ltd one fully accepts and understands the following Terms and Conditions, which are standard and govern all the site members of Sportalnet Ltd. 
This agreement establishes the Terms and Conditions for the contractual relationship between Magic Services Ltd and any person ( known as a Player ) registering with the company. Each Player is required to accept these Terms and Conditions when registering for an account with Magic Services Ltd and is bound by them throughout the existence of the relationship. 

1.2 Magic Services Ltd reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions including games of the casino, Poker and/or sports bets without prior notice. We will do our outmost to inform our Players should there be major modifications to the Terms and Conditions. Nevertheless, it is the Player's responsibility to regularly check for any changes. Should the Player, due to any possible changes, not wish to continue using the services of Magic Services Ltd, he/she can withdraw all available funds and close the account by sending in an email to customer care or by logging in and requesting a withdrawal of the full balance.

1.3 The contractual relationship is between the registered Players and Magic Services Ltd and is governed by these Terms and Conditions and by the Laws of Malta.

1.4 In the case of any dispute between the English language version of the Terms and Conditions and versions in other language, the English language version shall prevail.

1.5 We advise you to print out these terms and conditions and keep them somewhere easily accessible

2 - Account Rules

2.1 Any Players applying for an account must be at least 18 years old or in the case of Estonia not less than 21 years of age.

2.2 Residents of the USA are not allowed to register with Magic Services Ltd.

2.3 The Players of Magic Services Ltd agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions at all times, and:

  • not to be acting in the interests of any third party;
  • not to utilize funds originating from any criminal activity or activities (money laundering);
  • not to credit their account with bank/credit card/s they are not authorized to use;
  • not to try to hack the website or to alter its code in any way;
  • not to adopt any criminal behaviour against Magic Services Ltd, its affiliates, and Players.

2.4 In the event of a Player not respecting one or more of the rules as mentioned in 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, Magic Services Ltd reserves the right to close the account and seize the available funds.

2.5 It is the responsibility of the Player to ensure that they are not breaking any laws in their jurisdiction when opening an account and conducting business with Magic Services Ltd.

2.6 The Player must submit the correct information on the registration form which he/she can find on the Magic Services Ltd website

2.7 The Player also agrees to update this information should there be any changes to his personal data provided furing registration.

2.8 A Player is only allowed to open one account or only have one active account ;

2.9 Magic Services Ltd reserves the right to close your account(s) and/or not accept a registration request.

2.10 All account transactions are performed in Euro currency.

2.11 No interest is paid on any funds, irrespective of the amount held in the Players’ accounts.

2.12 It's the Players’ sole responsibility to keep a copy of his winnings to notify the appropriate authorities if he resides in a state whereby the winnings are taxable. In Malta winnings are not taxable.

2.13 During the registration process, the Player can choose his/her user name, nickname and password.  The Player has the possibility to change the password at any time through the My Account function.

2.14 The Player must keep his user name and password secret at all times.  Magic Services Ltd advises the Player not to write down his username, and/or password and leave it somewhere easily accessible to a third party.  Magic Services Ltd also strongly advises Players not to leave the PC when the Player is logged in to his/her personal betting account, so that a third party may access all personal betting functions without the Players’ permission.  Magic Services Ltd also advises the Player to create a password with at least 6 letters and/or numerical characters or symbols (example AsdLf2&5).

2.15 If a bet/s is placed using the login name and password of a Player, it will be considered to have been made by the Player and therefore to be accepted and valid.

2.16 Magic Services Ltd retains the right to examine and confirm the identity of its Players. When deemed necessary, Magic Services Ltd will request that documentation proving the Player's identity is forwarded to its offices. Examples of documentation requested could be certified copies of photo ids, bank statements, references, last utility bill, etc.

2.17 If an account remains inactive for a period of 30 months or more, Magic Services Ltd will report such to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority and may be asked to transfer any balances to the Authority. We will do our utmost to contact the Player and return the funds before transferring any balances to the Authority. However, if we do not manage to do so the Player will have to deal directly with the Authority to retrieve his funds

3. Deposits, Transfers & Withdrawals

3.1 Deposits can be made into the account by bank transfer, credit card, e-wallets, Moneybookers or Neteller. The name on the credit card or the bank transfer has to be identical to that on the account receiving the funds. If this is not the case the deposit will be rejected and the funds paid back. Any charges levied by the banks/payment gateways will be deducted from the reversed amount.

3.2 To be able to utilise your credit card, our customer care may be required to register it and validate it. or you may be required to activate the Venice Pass security feature.

3.3 Deposits through credit cards or e-wallets will be immediately credited on the Players' betting account, once finalized.

3.4 All withdrawal and/or deposit costs may be charged to the Player. Currently, Magic Services Ltd is paying these fees however, this policy may be changed and if or when it is you will be informed.

3.5 We advise our Players to print out and keep copies of all various transactions.

3.6 Minimum Deposits:

25 euro for deposits by credit card
100 euro for deposits by bank transfers
10 euro for deposits by e-wallets

3.7 Funds deposited must be utilized for the placing of bets. Any suspicious activity on an account could lead to the Player being reported to the relevant authorities, freezing of the funds and even the closure of the account. Magic Services Ltd reserves the right to not payout funds not utilised for the placing of bets and to charge any costs incurred to the Players.

3.8 Magic Services Ltd policy is not to refund.  Only in special cases can a refund occur, but it’s at Magic Services Ltd's discretion whether or not a Player is entitled to a refund.

3.9 Funds cannot be transferred from the account of one Player to the account of another Player. Accounts of Players cannot be transferred to other Players.

3.10 The Player can at any time log in to his account and view a statement of his account which would show all transactions effected, namely deposits, bonus credits, winnings, bets and withdrawals. Should the Player notice any mistakes he/she should notify Magic Services Ltd immediately in written form ( email is sufficent ) so that the mistake can be rectified. The Player has to report such a mistake in writing within 90 days from when the mistake first appeared on the statement available on the website.

3.11 At any time, a Player can decide to withdraw part or all of his/her funds from his/her account. Depending on the currency and the location of the Player’s bank, certain transaction fees may apply. Once all the available funds have been withdrawn, the Player has the right to close his Magic Services Ltd account if he/she wishes to do so.

The minimum withdrawal amount is of 100 euros for bank transfers
The minimum withdrawal amount is of 30 euros for credit or prepaid cards
The minimum withdrawal amount is of 20 euros via e-wallets

3.12 Magic Services Ltd will try and finalize any withdrawal request within 3 - 5 working days from request.

3.13 The Player is aware that Magic Services Ltd can only finalize withdrawals if the identity of the Player has been adequately verified.

4 Casino Rules

Bets are only valid if they include the BetID code.  In case of doubts, the companies’ files and data will be considered the only valid proof.

4.1 Magic Services Ltd is not liable for any problem in relation to the internet connection or/and browser.

4.2 The company advises to play using a fast internet connection (ADSL or optical fiber).

4.3 In the mode MultiPlayer or Live, bets are only considered valid upon receiving the message 'Confirmed Bet'.

4.4 To confirm a bet it's necessary to click on the button 'Send'.  After that the bet can't be modified or cancelled.

4.5 The minimum and maximum bet amounts are shown on the table.

4.6 Results for the on-line live games are shown through optical devices; should they not be functioning correctly, the game will be considered invalid.

4.7 In the 'Live Roulette', should the ball (sphere) not turn correctly, bets will be re-confirmed and the ball will be thrown again.

4.8 If there is an error in the system, but the bet has been confirmed, the bet will stand.  It's possible to check all the bets in the 'bets list' in each Players betting account.  Should the connection fall due to our system, and the bet has been confirmed, the bet will be considered invalid.

4.9 Should there be any contradictions between the live results, such as the ones transmitted directly from the Casino di Venezia and those shown by the software, the live streaming will prevail and stand.

4.10 All the rules and conditions for each game are available by clicking on the selected game.

4.11 Magic Services Ltd reserves the right to remove any game on offer at any time without having to provide justification to the Players. Only confirmed bets made prior to the termination of the game will be accepted.

4.12 The published odds and paytables are published on our website and in the game rules. Should there be an obvious error in the published figures, Magic Services Ltd reserves the right to payout the standard payout rate. Players noticing such errors should inform Magic Services Ltd and refrain from taking advantage of obvious errors.

5. Betting Rules

5.1 A bet can only be placed by a registered Player, the use of bots or other automated methods to place bets at the casino and especially poker rooms are strictly not allowed.

5.2 A bet can be placed by telephone or mobile ( sports betting only ) or website.

5.3 A bet can only be placed by a Player if he/she has sufficient funds in his account with Magic Services Ltd.

5.4 The bet, once concluded, will be governed by the version of Terms and Conditions and rules valid at the time of the bet being accepted.

5.5 A bet is deemed to have been placed as soon as confirmation of the acceptance of the betting offer is received from Magic Services Ltd.

5.6 Magic Services Ltd retains the right to decline bets without providing any reason

5.7 Should a game be discontinued, the Player’s stake will be refunded.

5.8 A bet that has been placed and confirmed can’t be modified, withdrawn or cancelled by the Player.

5.9 When the Player places a bet/s, he/she acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and accepted in full all of the Terms and Conditions and Game Rules regarding the bets offered by Magic Services Ltd as stated on the website.

5.10 When a Player places a bet, he/she acknowledges, that if other Players won’t respond to the bet, the bet itself won’t be able to be confronted with others, and as a result the bet won’t be considered as won, even if the prediction of the bet was correct.

5.11 Magic Services Ltd manages Player’s accounts and calculates available funds, pending funds, betting funds, as well as the amount of the winnings. Unless proved otherwise, these amounts are considered as final and are not subject to dispute.

5.12 The Player is entirely responsible for the bets placed over the Internet.  Magic Services Ltd will not control the relevance of the bet wanting to be placed including possible errors in the sum of the bet placed.

5.13 Winnings will be paid into the Player’s account after the final result is confirmed. However, Magic Services Ltd reserves the right to set aside any winnings, should there be investigations into an event as a result of a suspicion of criminal activities that may have affected the result of the event. If any irregularity is confirmed, Magic Services Ltd retains the right to void any related bets.

5.14 Should Magic Services Ltd become aware that a Player has placed a number of bets from different accounts, which he/she has irregularly opened, Magic Services Ltd retains the right void all the bets if necessary, and Magic Services Ltd has the right to take further action if needed.

5.15 If bets, which exceed the stated limits, are erroneously accepted, the excess amount will be disregarded and the bet amount placed will be revised accordingly and the difference paid back to the Player.

5.16 Occasionally possible communication errors may occur.  Our system is based on the fact that bets are confirmed only when our server in Malta receive them. Should the communication interrupt after placing a bet, and our server receives the bet, this will result in the bet standing and as soon as the communication has been re-established, the Player will receive a message confirming the placed bet.  Should the bet never reach our server, the bet won’t be confirmed and therefore no sum will be subtracted from the Players’ account balance.

5.17 When playing poker Players are strictly not allowed to collude with other Players; carry out chip dumping or softplay or any other activity which would allow them to gain an advantage or to give advantage to other Players. Poker rooms are monitored for such activities and any Players found to be participating in such activities will be immediately suspended and funds blocked.  

6. Poker Texas Hold'em Rules
The available actions for each Player are the following:

  1. CHECK - If in the current betting round no bets have been placed, the first Player can choose the option to CHECK.  By checking it automatically becomes the next active Player’s turn (to the left).  The ‘check’ option doesn’t mean that you give up the right to win the pot, but only the right to bet. If all the Players choose this option the betting phase is considered completed. 
  2. BET - If in the current betting round the first Player has the option to BET. The next Player directly to his left has the option to, pass, see or raise.
  3. FOLD – To pass (fold) is giving up the right of winning the pot. A Player who chooses to pass can’t and won’t be asked to bet for the remaining of the hand. 
  4. CALL – If bets have been placed, a Player can see (Call) In order to see a Player must match the amount that was bet by the previous Players.
  5. RAISE - If bets have been placed, a Player has the option to RAISE.  To ‘raise’ means to match the amount bet by the previous Players, and add an extra amount. The next Players could ‘see’ the ‘raise’ or ‘re-raise’ to maintain the right to win the pot.

Betting continues until the Player on the left of the last Player to have bet (or re-raised) acts. When this occurs the betting round is over.  When in the final round the last bet has been placed (or re-raised) the showdown takes place, which means that all Players that are in the hand will have to show their cards and find out which one won the pot. If a bet (or re-raised) is not seen, the showdown will not take place, and the Player who has bet (or re-raised) wins the pot.

Basic Poker Play: Table Stakes and All-In

Texas Hold'em is played in the mode 'Table stakes': This means that each Player can only bet the amount that he has available at the start of each hand. From this mode comes the application known as the 'All-In’ rule, which allows a Player to stay in the hand without being forced to leave the game due to the fact that he doesn't have enough funds to see a bet. This condition for a Player is called 'ALL-In'. An All-In Player can only win a portion of the pot starting from his last bet. All other bets placed from the other Players will generate a 'secondary pot' which the ALL-In Player won't be entitled to.

7 Responsible Gaming

7.1 A Player can establish a time limit to spend on the games, betting limits, a daily betting limit, a maximum weekly amount allowed to bet and also limit his betting account for a period of time. All these functions and limits can be established by the Player himself by accessing his personal account and selecting the responsible gaming tab.

7.2 For further information, we invite you to read the section ‘Responsible Gaming’.

8 Copyright

8.1 Vittoriosa Gaming Ltd, Magic Services Ltd, Casino di Venezia and all relative logos and brands are registered and owned by Vittoriosa Gaming Ltd, Magic Services Ltd and Casino Municipale di Venezia spa. Any unauthorized use or these logos and/or brands of Vittoriosa Gaming Ltd, Magic Services Ltd e Casino Municipale di Venezia will result with legal action taken against you.

8.2 All content within the web page, the various URL's and those of Magic Services Ltd are owned by Vittoriosa Gaming Ltd, Magic Services Ltd e/o Casino Municipale di Venezia. Any unathorized reproduction or use of these URL addresses or content of the web sites Web Vittoriosa Gaming Ltd e Magic Services Ltd will result with legal action taken against you.

9 Responsibility

9.1 Magic Services Ltd is only responsible for clear negligence or deliberate actions by the company or any staff member legally representing the company.

9.2 Magic Services Ltd is not responsible for any strike, terrorist activity, political crisis, war, malfunctioning of the telecommunication lines, natural catastrophes which may result in access limitations through the Internet or telephone.

9.3 Magic Services Ltd will not be considered responsible for any damages occurring to the software or equipment, directly or indirectly handled, which may result in access limitations through the Internet or telephone.

9.4 In case of errors or acts of negligence by Magic Services Ltd, in relation to the present General Conditions, the Players refund can't be higher than the balance amount in his/her account or the amount of the bet involved in the error or negligence.

9.5 In case one or more of these conditions of this agreement are declare invalid by a recognized state of law, the remaining conditions will maintain their validity.

9.6 The present General Conditions complete the agreement between Magic Services Ltd and the Player, and prevail over any other type of previous agreement communicated, written or verbally, by Magic Services Ltd.

9.7 Magic Services Ltd will not be considered responsible for any damages to a Player or third party, deriving from a direct or indirect print error or malfunctioning of Magic Services Ltd's software or of Magic Services Ltd the web site or one of their affiliates and/or partner.

10 Safeguarding Personal Data

10.1 Magic Services Ltd has notified the ‘Commissioner for Data Protection’ that all personal data is processed under the ‘Data Protection Act, 2001 of the Laws of Malta’

10.2 Magic Services Ltd will handle all Player’s personal data only to offer an online betting service.

10.3 Magic Services Ltd does not share Players’ personal data with a Third Party who isn’t somehow associated with the company, however, we could receive requests from legal offices enquiring about Players’ personal information. Personal information could be forwarded should it be necessary for public awareness.

10.4 The Player has the right to access to his personal data freely and ask for it to be modified or changed.

10.5 For further information about the handling procedure by Magic Services Ltd of personal data, we invite you to consult the section ‘Privacy Policy’.

11 Complaints

Magic Services Ltd will do all it can to ensure a pleasant and new experience for the Player. However, it could be possible that, in some occasions, the Player will not be satisfied with the quality of the product or of our Customer Service. In such cases the Player could send a complaint via e-mail to our Customer Service at the following address: [email protected]. The complaint will be sent to the administrative department and will normally be processed within 48 hours of reception. Should the Player still not be satisfied the way the complaint has been resolved or handled, it is possible to get in touch directly with the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta at the following address : [email protected]

We suggest that only complaints of a serious nature are escalated to the Authority.

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