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Magic Services Ltd will only accept players who are considered legal adults within their country, in any case not younger than the age of 18.

Magic Services Ltd hopes that all the players have a pleasurable gaming experience, in a responsible manner. Magic Services Ltd may intervene and help any player that may be suffering from a gambling problem, whether it's the player himself asking for help, or if the company itself notices any abnormalities in the player’s behaviour.

Magic Services Ltd reserves the right to automatically block accounts if deemed that there is a problem with gambling addiction. Alternatively we will impose a tougher restriction on the amounts, time limit and sums allowed to bet, to players that are suffering from an addiction. However, we will not be considered responsible for players who don't expressively request for help.

Advice for responsible gaming

For many people betting is exciting and fun.  Players pay attention on how to invest their time and money, and which sites to trust when betting.
Here's how you can control your bets:

  • Establish a fixed period of time to play and of money to gamble. Stick to these limits.
  • Low risk bets lower the probability of losing control of your betting behaviour.  The secret of low risk bets is that you realize that 'it's only a game'.
  • Never borrow money to bet
  • Balance out betting with other activities
  • Never bet if you're suffering from depression, stress or under the influence of alcohol or in any other compromising state of mind.
  • Don't bet to make money
  • Only bet with the money that you have put aside for betting purposes, and not your everyday spending money.

You may have a betting addiction if:

  • If you leave your family for a long period of time due to betting.
  • If you have regular arguments with your partner due to the fact that you spend too much time and money on betting and if can't limit yourself to a pre-established limit.
  • If you’re betting with the money that is for your family, rent, school, medical costs or any other everyday necessity.
  • If you feel like spending your time betting with people who understand
  • If you're constantly think about your next bet while you’re out with your family and friends.
  • If you think that betting is a means of making easy money.

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions, we advise you to get help before the situation gets out of hand. There are many organizations that can help you control this problem such as You can also try and control you betting habits immediately by establishing limits on your betting account with us.

Actions to be taken

If you think you are having a serious gambling problem, we suggest you temporarily suspend your account until problems are solved. On our dedicated contact's page you will find all details to get in touch with us. Alternately you may login into your account through the Personal Data page and you may change your personal settings which are available for casino and sportsbook.

If you do not wish to suspend your own account, but you want to limit your costs, limit the losses, limit the time of the game, or limit the stake amount, this can be done by getting into your account and through the Personal Data and Responsible Gaming sections where you can insert all the limits as required.

For the player's safety, it will not be possible to remove any of the restrictions listed own his account or on the stakes, for a minimum period of seven days starting from the day inserted. However, if one later decides to tighten the stake's limit or the games time or to do some other changes, the system will allow it.  

To ask for help or assistance please contact our help desk/support team as stated in the assistance page on [email protected].

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