Tournaments Rules

Freeroll Tournaments:

These tournaments do not require a registration code or a buy-in, although some freerolls are only available to customers having made at least one deposit on our portal.

Guaranteed Prize Tournaments:

These are tournaments in which the prize pool is guaranteed,  regardless of the number of subscribers. There might however be a minimum number of players required for the tournament to take place. This minimum number will have no effect on the prize pool although if it is not reached the tournament will be cancelled.

Regular Tournaments:

These tournaments take place on a daily basis from Monday to Sunday, and may also be held weekly or monthly.

Satellite Tournaments:

These are qualifying tournaments which guarantee a seat to the winning player at the final tournament depending on the levels which need to be achieved.
In Satellite Tournaments the last remaining players or player on table wins the tournament, the number of winners is established by the number of tickets generated. The winning player is entitled to a Buy-in (ticket) for the Final Tournament. In the final tournament the last remaining player on the table wins the tournament and shares the prize with the other finalists.
Satellite tournaments on Casino Espresso Poker are listed specifically by name and level of tournament:

•  Mini Step-Step I-Step II-Step III etc… up until the Final Tournament.
•  The last remaining player at the table of the satellite mini Step wins the tournament and his win counts as buy-in for Satellite Step I
•  The last remaining player at the table of the Satellite Step I wins the tournament and his win counts as buy-in for Satellite Step II
•  Etc..

Final Tournaments:

Final Tournaments are either on-line or are actual live games which take place at the Casino di Venezia Malta and various other Casinos.
The only ways a player can access the Final Tournaments is by either winning one satellite tournament or by direct Buy-in.

Tournaments features and classification:

•  In order to book a particular tournament, players must go to the Lobby and check the “tournaments” section. From there the customers can choose from a large range of tournaments ( Regular, Freeroll, Satellites etc. ) and join the chosen tournament by clicking the “Book” button.
•  Bookings close five minutes before the tournament starts.
•  All tournaments have a five minute break every 60 minutes apart from the case of a specific type of tournament ( ex. Short Handed ) which have a different break.

Skill Points:

Casino Espresso Poker is also rewarding its best players with major awards such as national and international event bookings. Players are listed on a special monthly table which is visible from the Lobby. In order to achieve a high position on this table, a player must gain SKILL POINTS.
All tournaments with the exception of satellites and free rolls allow one to earn Skill Points according to the final position, tournament players and tournament buy-in.

Points are calculated in the following manner:

•  Points = 10 * [radq(n)/radq(k)] * [1+log(b+0,25)]
•  n is the number of participants
•  k is the position at the end
•  b is the import of buy-in in euro (fee excluded).
…where n is the player count of the tournament, k is final position and b is the buy-in (fee excluded) (radq is square root, Log is a base 10 logarithm).

The buy-in is €0 for free rolls.

The top 4 ranking players will gain the right to access to an exclusive tournament at the Casinò di Venezia Open (final) from the 1st to the 4th October, while players from rank 5 to 31 will be accessing the “play-offs”.

Play-off will be a 27 player tournament, giving the chance to win 3 seats for the final.

The last 2 seats available at the final will be assigned through the special sit & go chart.

In the final phase, 9 people will play for special prizes.

Poker Tournament Classification Criteria:

According to this criteria a tournament can be listed either as:

Active/Date-beginning and end of tournament

•  Active
•  Inactive
•  From (date) To (date) , indicating the period of availability of the tournament.

Name/Type of tournament

A specific name is assigned to the tournament or the type of tournament with indication of buy-in and fee. In some cases the structure of levels will be shown.

The structure of bets will be notified as follows:

•  No Limit

In No Limit tournaments maximum bets and raises are unlimited. The minimum bet is equal to Big blind and every single player could bet or raise until he reaches his entire chip amount (All-in).

•  Limit

Bets and raises are set according to the Small and Big blinds amounts that are set for each tournament.

•  Pot Limit

Bet limits are a direct consequence of the value of the Pot currently in play. At every turn the minimum bet is equal to the Big blind and the maximum bet must be equal and not exceeding the Pot after the previous hand has been called.


The type of tournaments, which differ according to chip allocation, chip management, number of players, etc…, are defined by:

•  Re-Buy

Players may purchase further chips by paying a cost specified in the Tournament terms, generally a cost equal to the tournament buy-in. Eventual re-buys are restricted both in number and with regards to when they may be requested: for example a tournament may allow one or more re-buys only during the first three game levels. Depending on the type of tournament a re-buy may be granted if a player has less chips than the starting amount or if the player finishes the chips purchased at the start of the game.

The re-buy cost will always be the same as the tournament buy-in and fee value.

•  Add-on

In this kind of tournament a player can obtain a donation of chips that is equal to the initial amount only in a specified phase, called “add-on”. There will be a single established phase for each tournament. A player who gives up to his add-on phase looses the right to ask for it again. The add-on cost will always be the same as the tournament buy-in and fee value.

•  Re-buy + Add-on

Players can obtain one or more re-buys and a single add-on during the established phases. The add-on will always follow the re-buys: there will be a phase in which players will have the possibility to request one or more re-buys and only than it will be possible to ask for an add-on. After the add-ons have been requested, it will be impossible for any player to ask for a re-buy.

The re-buy cost will always be the same amount as the tournament buy-in excluding the fee.

The add-on value will be equal to the tournament Buy-in and in some cases it could be doubled, in any case, no fee will be charged.

•  Freezout  

The ‘freezeout’ is the easiest mode. The same amount of chips will be given to each player. A player is automatically out of tournament when he spends his entire amount of chips. No re-buys and add-ons are allowed in this kind of tournament.

•  Double chance

The starting amount of chips is divided into two equal parts. Players will play with the first half and the second half may be requested by the player in any chosen hand after the first is concluded. There could be a time limit in which the second half of the stake may be requested.

In this type of game re-buys and add-ons are excluded.

•  Double stack

In ‘double stack’ tournaments the starting amount of chips ( stack ) is greater than the amount usually available in normal tournaments.

•  Deep Stack

The ‘deep stack’ tournament is a type of game where the starting amount of Chips is much greater than in usual tournaments ( 5000 ).

•  Short handed (6-max)

A ‘short-handed’ tournament (6-max) is a multi-table tournament in which no more than 6 players can join a table. This tournament has a five minute break every 45 minutes.

Buy in

Cash that will be added to the Jackpot.


It is the fixed commission that goes to the Poker room.

Level Structures

This section shows how often levels change:

Hyper relax

In ‘hyper relax’ mode blind levels change every 20 minutes.


In ‘relax’ mode blind levels change every 15 minutes.


In ‘standard mode’ blind levels change every 10 minutes.

Semi turbo

In ‘semi turbo’ mode blind levels change every 8 minutes.


In ‘turbo mode’ blind levels change every 5 minutes..

Hyper Turbo

In ‘hyper turbo’ mode blind levels change every 20 minutes..

Super Turbo

In ‘super turbo’ mode blind levels change every 3 minutes, much faster than in any other tournament.

Poker Game Points

This section contains information regarding the amount of Poker Game Points achieved by players.
One Poker Game Point is equal to one euro of rake.
The charts below allow you to easily select the tournaments that best adapt to your skill level and preferences.

Poker Rules


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