Poker House Rules

1 - Disputes

Should any dispute arise, the decision of the Casino Espresso Poker Management Team will be final.

The Management reserves the right to close any table at any time at their sole discretion and without having to give prior notice.

The Management also reserves the right to disable or suspend a player or a group of players for a time period to be determined by management for any violation of house rules.

Even though it is extremely unlikely, a server crash may occur with any Internet application. In such an event, customers will have their accounts automatically refunded with the amount of chips they had at the table, both in play and out of play.

In the unlikely event that a pot was awarded wrongly, the Management has the right to adjust players’ account balances to correct any and all inconsistencies and will contact the players involved and provide them with a hand history and a detailed explanation within 48 hours.

2 - Voided Hands ( Live Poker )

The Management will void a hand in-play and return all stakes to participants in the following cases:

1. an error occurs with the fiber-optic reader or any other unspecified technical error;
2. two cards are drawn by mistake or any other unspecified type of misdeal.

With regards to human error, the only case in which the hand will not be voided is the following: the croupier mistakenly mixes previously folded cards with the remaining deck cards before the River. Should this situation arise, the croupier will proceed as follows:

1. remix the deck cards and place them anew in the shoe (sabot);
2. re-draw the cards from the shoe until the River or until the game is over;
3. should the extracted card be one of the previously folded cards, the system will notify the card is to be discarded and the following card will be extracted from the shoe.

Should it not be possible to correct an issue in real-time, because the system has already acquired misread card data for example, then the hand will be declared void: within 48 hours, and after examining both the game data and the live feed, the Management reserves the right to amend players' balances accordingly.


If team play ( also known as collusion ) is suspected, the Management has the right to suspend the suspicious accounts and freeze their funds while an investigation is conducted.

Players found to have been acting, or reasonably suspected of acting as a team, will have their account privileges on the portal indefinitely terminated as well as throughout all the casinos operated by Casinò Espresso.

Casinò Espresso membership can be revoked at anytime for any reason.

The funds in a player’s account will be returned unless the player has been found to have cheated another player or players, in which case some or all of the funds may be distributed to the victims of the abuse.

Should funds be returned to a player having broken the house rules, a 25€ administrative fee may be applied. In no event will Casinò Espresso confiscate funds for its own use. Funds arising or left over from fraudulent activities will be transferred to the gaming authority.


A rake equal to 5% is applied uniformly to all tables and is capped at a maximum of 5€ per hand on virtual, 2€ on heads-up and 10€ on 'live' tables.

Poker Rules


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