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carnival slot machinesOur 3 Reel Slots, the Classic 3Reel and the Venice Carnival, are based on the classic 3 wheel slot machine model.

The stake for each spin may be of one, two or three coins, with the value of each coin starting at €0.25.
Every slot machine has a Pay Table that displays the winning combinations and the related odds.

Besides the winning combinations you can find in the Pay Table, the 3 Reel Slots feature a progressive Jackpot. Every time the reels are spun the jackpot builds up, based on the number of coins played by all players on each of the 3 Reel Slots.

The probability of winning the Jackpot increases proportionally with the number and the value of coins played.

You can choose to play 3 Reel Slots either with the mouse or with your keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts
The COIN button lets the player increase the amount of coins he/she wants to bet. Once the limit of three coins is reached, the counter resets to 1.
The SPIN button accepts the deal and starts the reels.
COIN MAX is a button which quickly sets the maximum stake, accepts the deal and starts the reels.
Coin MAX
Press Space Bar on keyboard to SPIN Space
Press C on keyboard to add COIN Coin

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