Security FAQ

1 - Why should I trust your services ?
Casino Espresso is a customer-oriented company and our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service. You can trust us because:

We stream live games from a physical Casino based in Malta and everyone is welcome to visit ( Casino Vittoriosa )
We are licensed to operate by the Lotteries & Gaming Authority (LGA) which monitors all our activities and software operations.
We strive to offer you the best possible service by using a technical infrastructure that meets the highest security standards.
We use the most secure payment options on the market for your security.
We pride ourselves in creating a safe and fair betting environment for you.

Our commitment to 'live' products also speaks for itself.  Thanks to an integrated HD ‘live camera’ system your cards are no longer random generated, but are drawn from a real deck by real dealers, and the game is closely monitored by a real poker management team.

At any time during the year our esteemed guests are welcome to come and visit us at Poker Espresso Club, either as part of our tournament schedule or for a weekend of relaxation, where you will meet the dealers and Poker Room Management team first hand.
2 - Is it secure to play LIVE and Virtual Games ?
You can play on REAL live tables and Virtual tables. All our tables are constantly monitored and licensed by competent authorities. Once you confirm your bet - you have agreed to the deal.
3 - How does Venice Pass secure my account ?
Venice Pass was originally created to ensure the maximum security and safety when you are using any of our services. In fact no fraudster will be able to access your account even if in possession of your password. For this reason it is highly recommended to activate your Venice Pass before performing any deposit or withdrawal.
4 - How do I activate Venice Pass ?
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Enter the My Account section
  3. Select Venice Pass from the left hand side menu
  4. Activate your account by filling in all the required details in the pop up window
  5. Choose between the SMS or email option where you will receive the Venice Pass security code. Make sure that the mobile number inserted in the system is correct and also includes the country prefix. In order to complete your Venice Pass activation you should wait for the code via SMS and insert it in the area provided. Should you have any problem in activating your Venice Pass please contact support.
5 - Will my details remain private ?
Casinò Espresso follows a strict policy regarding confidential customer information and will not share any details with a third party.
6 - I am not receiving the Venice Pass PIN. What is the reason for the delay ?
The Venice Pass is sent immediately when you request access. Sometimes, late afternoon and early evening, congestions on the cellular networks may delay the delivery of the SMS. We advise you simply wait a few minutes before requesting a new Venice Pass.

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