Registration FAQ

1 - What is the number at the bottom of registration form ?
The Turing Number entry during login is used to prevent automated login attacks against your account. A random number, displayed as an image, must be entered correctly in the required field in order to successfully validate your registration. Turing numbers are commonly used anywhere there is a need to avoid automated submissions by bots.
2 - Why is important to have a valid email address ?
Actually it is not just important; rather it's a strict requirement. For security purposes we will only respond and correspond to/with communications which originate from the email address you submit upon registration. Also kindly note that if you do not have access to the email account you have submitted then you will be unable to follow the activation and confirmation link sent upon registration.
3 - Why do you need my phone number ?
Casino Espresso reserves the right to contact its customers in order to randomly verify user information. On top of that, you will need to supply a phone number in order to activate the Venice Pass service. Please ensure that you insert the correct international code preceded by a '+' sign (i.e. +44....)
4 - My validation link has expired. What should I do ?
Due to security purposes, activation links are valid for up to 24 hours. An email containing an activation link will be sent to the registered email address shortly after an account has been opened. Should this time frame elapse and consequently your activation link expires, kindly contact Customer Support.
5 - How to choose a password ?
Choose passwords that are difficult for anyone to guess.
Do not use your personal identification number or birthday as your password.
Keep passwords safe and secret.
Never write your passwords down.
Change the password frequently if possible.
6 - Can my username and nickname be the same ?
Your username, used in conjunction with your password, ties you to your gaming account: it is the information you use to logon.

Your nickname is your table handle, and is visible to other players.

Although the system will allow you to choose identical username and nicknames, we strongly advise for security purposes that you vary your choice.

7 - Why should I change my password often ?
You need to change your password on a regular basis to thwart those who would steal your identity.
This should be done especially if you have told your password to somebody else or if you have written down your password anywhere.
8 - You are asking for my documents. What happens after I give you my personal details ?
The Maltese Law on online gaming requires that every user must be identified. Nobody except for the Maltese Authorities will ever have access to your personal details.
9 - Can I legally register on your gaming website ?
Casino Espresso is legaly certified by the Lottery and Gaming Authority; however Maltese and U.S.A. citizens are note allowed to create an account, since the Casino operates with valid Maltese licenses.
10 - Why do I need to send a copy of my ID ?
For your own safety, and to comply with the obligations of our license, we require an official photo ID, which you may send via email or fax. The purpose of checking your ID is to ensure that you are of full legal age and to make sure you really are the person registering your account and not an unauthorized third party.
11 - I can't fax or scan verification documents requested ?
If you do not have a fax or scanner you can use a community computer or fax. Digital camera or camera phone images are also acceptable. However, all images must be clearly visible.
12 - How do I proof my address ?
You may prove your address by submitting:

ID that includes your home address.
A recent utility bill.
A recent phone bill.
A recent bank statement.

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