Definition of Rake and Rakeback

rakeback bonusRAKE is a share of the bet that the POKER ROOM takes as a small fee from the players on each hand played on Texas Hold'em tables.

In poker, differently to most Casino games, players compete against each other, not the house.
In our POKER ROOM the percentage of the rake is very low, 5% of the stake of each hand player on the table.

The maximun rake limit for each hand on Texas Hold'em is of 5,00 euro for random number tables and of 10,00 euro for the poker live tables

The rake is calculated at the FLOP, consequently if the player stops playing before the flop is shown, then no rake is generated for that hand.

To see how much rake is generated in a hand, just place the mouse on the POT (the amount situated at the centre of the table) and slowly after each bet you will see how much rake is accrued for that hand.

Once you have understood the meaning of RAKE, it is very simple to understand the meaning of RAKEBACK, or rather the percentage of RAKE generated that is given back to the player, independently of whether he wins or loses.

RAKEBACK can be reinvested for other stakes or can even be cashed.

To see how much RAKE has been generated during the week, visit the MY ACCOUNT section on the login panel and click on PROMOTIONS. Here you will see how much rake you generated this week as well as the amount of Rakeback you are owed.The weekly Rakeback, will be credited directly to your game account every Monday, that is the day on which meters will start again from zero.

For more details and information please read rakeback's terms and conditions.

Our rakeback offer is divided into different levels on which higher percentages are given, according to the generated rake.

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