Poker FAQ

1 - How do I create a new poker Account ?
You will be only allowed to operate a single account. You can register by clicking “Register Now” and follow the simple registration process.
2 - How do I download the poker software ?
You can download the software by simply browsing to the Poker Section. The main Poker page will show a "Download Lobby" button. Please note that Adobe Air is required in order to run the software.
3 - What is Adobe AIR ?
AIR stands for, the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) and is one of the latest interesting developments from Adobe.
It installs the first time you download and run an AIR application such as the VPL lobby, much in the same way that Flash is installed on a computer if the user visits a web site using Flash and they don’t already have it installed.
4 - What are the minimum system requirements ?
Your PC will need to meet the following system requirements in order to run the software;
Linux OS, Windows OS or Mac OS
1GHz CPU with at least 512MB of RAM
Minimum screen resolution of at least 800 by 600 pixels with 16-bit ("High Colour")
At least 100MB of free disk space.
5 - Are there any other requirements to play live online ?
The streaming of 'live' feeds can be extremely taxing to available bandwidth. When playing on 'live' tables we highly recommend an ADSL type connection.
6 - Having problems donwloading ?
3rd party software such as toolbars, pop-up blocker or your browser security settings may prevent the download of the software. Please make sure that pop-up are enabled and that no security software is blocking to download.
If you continue to experience problems, please contact our customer support team.
7 - Where can I check my account balance ?
You can click "My Account" to view your balance. Your poker balance will be shown within a popup window including all your other available balance.
8 - What is FreeRoll Tournament ?
It’s a tournament with has free registration where the prizepool is provided by the platform.
9 - What is a Satellite Tournament ?
A satellite tournament is one where the winners gain free entry into another (larger) tournament. These work by the total buy-in costs of the smaller tournament covering that of the larger tournament.
10 - What is a Re-buy/Add-on Tournament ?
A re-buy tournament is one that allows you to purchase additional chips within the specified re-buy period, you can rebuy if you bust out or have a chip stack less than or equal to your initial starting stack amount.
11 - What is RAKE ?
When you play Poker at Venice Poker you play against other players not the house. As such a charge is made in the form of rake; rake is the 'house' take.
12 - Can I Play more then one table at a time ?
Yes, you can play on other tables at the same time.
13 - How do I register for a Tournament ?
1. Click on the Tournament menu.
2. Select a tournament from the tournament listings box
3. Double Click the ‘Tournament name’. The Tournament information will be displayed.
4. Click the (+) Register button. The Join dialog box is displayed.
5. Click the Book Confirm. The tournament buy-in amount and entrance fee are automatically deducted from your account.
14 - How do I locate the table I whis play on ?
All our games and tournaments are available within the ‘Lobby’. There are three separate tabs as listed below:
Cash Tables - All the cash tables with our fantastic selection of poker variations and stakes. Cash games are available in Live and Virtual mode.
Sit and Go – All Sit and Go tournaments will be displayed once you select the Sit and Go button.
Tournaments – All tournaments will be displayed and separated into different categories.
15 - What can I do if the table where I want to play at is full ?
If your favorite table is full, you can join the waiting list by clicking "Join Waiting List" . You can see how long the list is in the “Waiting List” section of the “Players Window”. When a seat becomes available, a popup window will appear giving you the option to join the table, wait, or leave. You have 60 seconds to join the table before your seat is offered to the next player in line.
16 - Why are places at the table assigned automatically ?
To limit the possibility of collusion at the table between players, the position of each player is randomly assigned by the system each time you enter a table.
17 - How do I leave note about other players ?
In poker, as in real life, information is critical. Click on the player's avatar, then click the mini-tab 'notes' above the chat box and add the desired comments. Click on save. Your notes will appear whenever you move your cursor over the player’s avatar. This is an excellent way to track playing styles of other players you encounter at the tables!
18 - Can I resize the table ?
Simply click and drag any corner of a table to adjust it to your preferred size. Tables can be resized to a minimum of 480x347 pixels, or stretched to cover your entire screen.
19 - Can I change my avatar ?
Sure. Select "Change Avatar" from the "My Account" menu and choose between a selection of pre-loaded avatars or upload an avatar of your choice.
20 - What happens if I get disconnected ?
The software allows a reconnection time of 30 seconds. Once reconnected you will be awarded a further 10 seconds to act, after which you will be automatically placed in sit-out.
21 - Why are some events voided on 'live' tables ?
The Management will void a hand in-play and return all stakes to participants in the following cases:

1. An error occurs with the fiber-optic reader.
2. Any other unspecified technical error.
3. Two cards are drawn by mistake.
4. There is an error during card distribution.
5. Any other unspecified type of misdeal.
For further information kindly check "House Rules" under the "Rules" section of the website, or of the poker lobby.
22 - What should I do if I notice a problem or something strange while I'm playing ?
You can click on the small envelope icon in the top right hand corner of the table, select the type of problem you’re experiencing and write the details in the pop up window which will appear. Our Customer Support Team will receive your email and will examine the incident in a timely manner.
23 - Why was my chat suspended ?
Your chat may have been suspended due to a breach in chat rules.
24 - How do I re-enable the chat ?
You chat will be only re-enabled after 7days.
25 - Can Chat be suspended for ever ?
Yes, if you break the chat rules several times your chat will be ceased forever.

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