General FAQ

1 - I Forgot my password, what should I do ?
Contact our Support team. Although your password is inaccessible, as it is irreversibly encrypted, we will however be able to reset the password for you. Once we have done so, we recommend you change the temporary password immediately upon re-accessing your account.

For security purposes, you will receive the password according to the method of delivery you chose when you activated the VenicePass. If you activated the Venice Pass via SMS, then your password will be delivered via SMS or if you activated the Venice Pass via email, then your password will be delivered to your email inbox.
2 - Can I change my user name, password in my betting account ?
For security purposes the username chosen upon registration is unique and may not be successively modified. On the other hand you will be able to change the password as frequently as you wish. Select the ‘Personal Details’ tab, then simply select ‘Change Password’.
3 - Can I register a second account ?
No. Casinò Espresso permits only one account per household and per IP address.
4 - With whom am I playing when I use the service offered on your gaming platform ?
Casino: Your Counterpart will be Casino Espresso. Please note that all games respect the winning percentages associated with the particular game.
Poker: Your Counterpart will be all other players who play on our online poker lobby.
Sportsbook: Your Counterpart for sports betting will be Sportalnet Ltd.
Exchange: Your Counterpart will be all players who use Play2 Match as an exchange platform.
5 - Why was my account held when I tried to make a deposit ?
Your account may have been held for one of the following reasons:

1.    You have added too may credit cards
2.    The payment method you have added is shared by another player.
3.    You account is not validated.
4.    The account is under investigation by the fraud department.

If this happens please contact support via email and our Customer Support Team will assist you.
6 - What can I do if I feel a problem with gambling ?
Kindly consult our 'responsible gaming' section on our bottom menu for information on how to place limits on your account and/or request professional advice.
7 - I am not receiving the Venice Pass PIN. What is the reason for the delay ?
The Venice Pass is sent immediately when you request access. Sometimes, late afternoon and early evening, congestions on the cellular networks may delay the delivery of the SMS. We advise you simply wait a few minutes before requesting a new Venice Pass.

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