Exchange FAQ

1 - How do I create a new Account ?
Each player will only be allowed to activate one unique account.
Register by clicking "Register Now" and following the simple registration process.
Please bear in mind that the Sportsbook account you are creating will give you full access to all the other services we offer on our network.
2 - What are the minimum system requirements ?
As you will place bets directly on our website, all you will need is a recent browser (we advise Firefox).
3 - Where can I check my account balance ?
You can click "My Account" to view your balance. Your sportsbook balance will be shown within a pop-up window including all other relevant information.
4 - How do I trade my odds ?
Login to your betting account and verify that you have a sufficient balance.
From the menu select "Start Trading"; this will grant you access to an interactive page, where you will be able to choose the events and bet-types you prefer, according to your preference.
You may find further information in the "Rules" section of the site.
5 - What types of bets can be placed ?
You will find a complete list of sports and the associated bet-types in the "Rules" section of the Sportsbook.
6 - What is a 1X2 bet ?
1X2 is a bet on the full time result, which has three possible winning outcomes: 1 home win, X draw and 2 away win.
7 - What is a Match bet ?
A Match bet is a head-to-head bet with only two possible winning outcomes: home/player 1 win and away/player 2 win. In the case of a draw, the odds are set to 1.0 and the stake refunded.
Match bet is also known as 'draw no bet'.
8 - What is an Outright bet ?
An outright bet is a longterm bet on the winner of a competition or tournament.
9 - What are Multiple Bets ?
Multiple bets contain several bets within one coupon.
The attraction for the player in formulating a multiple bet is due to the the resulting total odd being equal to the product of the odds of the single events.
You will only win a multiple bet if all the coupon selections are correct.
10 - What is a Double Chance bet?
In the case of a Double Chance bet you are betting on two outcomes simultaneously.
e.g. 1X Home win or Draw, X2 Draw or Away win or 12 Home or Away win.
11 - What is an Half-Time bet ?
Bets are settled at half-time based on the score at the conclusion of the first half. There are only three possible winning outcomes (1X2).
12 - What is an Half-Time/Full-Time bet ?
This is a bet on the results both of half time and full time. Both selections must be correct for the bet to win, and there are 9 possible winning outcomes.
13 - What is a Correct Score bet ?
Betting on the correct score is essentially guessing the final score correctly, e.g. 4-2, 2-3.
14 - What is an Over/Under bet ?
The Over/Under selection consists in predicting if the final score of an event will be superior (Over) or inferior (Under) to a predefined total.
15 - What is a First Scorer bet ?
Choosing the first scorer selection is betting on which player will be the first to score in the game.
16 - What is a Player to Score bet ?
If you know that a certain player will score during the 90 minutes of any given game, then choose this bet type.
The bet will be considered lost if the player should not participate in the game, or if he scores an own goal.
17 - What is a Winner bet ?
Bet on the winner of a race, tournament or similar event.
18 - What is a Place bet ?
A bet based on the possible placement of the player or contestant, it usually includes the top positions (1-3).
19 - What is an Odd/Even bet ?
It consists in determining whether the sum-total of the final score will be odd or even.
We do not accept Odd/Even bets as we consider them to be extremely unfair to players.
20 - What is an Handicap bet ?
In handicap bets, a determined number of goals or points are added (or subtracted) to either team or player.
The objective is to foretell the final result, knowing that in the end the indicated handicap will be added to or subtracted from the final score.
21 - What is an Asian Handicap bet ?
There are only two possible selections in Asian handicap betting, home team win or away team win. Asian Handicap betting thus eliminates the draw option used in normal multiples (1X2). The greater the difference in ability between the teams involved in the match, the more goals you would expect the favourite to win by and the bigger the handicap will be. The underdogs will therefore be given a head start, a handicap, (of 0.5, 1 ball, etc.) by the favourite.

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