Black Jack Live / Singleplayer

Blackjack is one of the most popular and well-known Casino games. The game is played with one deck containing 52 cards. The game involves summing up the value of the initial two cards dealt with the hopes of being dealt a value of twenty-one. The player can choose to be dealt single cards if a value of less than twenty-one is dealt until he either reaches a value of twenty-one, reaches a value that exceeds twenty-one or reaches a value which he feels is comfortable to play with. The player holding a hand with a value of, or nearest to twenty-one is declared as the winner.

At Casinò Epsresso, Online we also give you the opportunity to play the game ‘live’ from Casino di Venezia in Malta, where your cards will be dealt from a shoe containing 6 decks of 52 cards!

You can choose from the following type of games:

  • Black Jack Live ( streaming from Casinò di Venezia in Malta )
  • Black Jack Single Player

In both versions you can select from different tables with different minimum and maximum bets

To view the minimum and maximum stake allowed click on the sign Segnatavolo
Once the table has been chosen, all possible bets will have a minimum and a maximum. Stakes must be a multiple of the minimum bet.
Players are given chips in 6 different colours depending on their range value. They have to chose the amount to play by clicking on the chips Fiche
The available balance is displayed below the chips. saldo
It can be hidden by clicking on occhio
The balance displayed is the one in common among all the Casino games. 
To turn the sound On and Off
click on audio
To go back and cancel the last move
click on forward
To cancel all bets placed
click on reset


Black Jack Live
The Black Jack Live is played in the same way as it would in a land Casino. The croupier invites all the players to place their bets and waits 20" before saying Rien ne va plus. Once the bets have been placed, the croupier deals the cards from the Sabot and distributing them according to the game's rules. blackjack live
On the live table you can play on a maximum of 3 spots.
To play on Black Jack Live, select the coins and place them on the spots you want to bet on. After placing your bets, click on the button SEND. Your bet is only valid if you receive the notification that your bets have been accepted.

Black Jack Single Player
In the Single Player game you can bet on a minimum of 2 spots and a maximum of 5.
blackjack single player
To play on Black Jack Live, select the coins and place them on the spots you want to bet on. After placing your bets, click on the button NEW GAME.
Nuovo gioco
To start dealing the cards, click on the button CARDS.
For every spot you have placed bets on, you will be given the ask for new cards or stop dealing cards.
After you have finished playing, then it will be the Banker's turn to deal his own cards.
The winnings are paid immediately, and the balance increases.
To continue playing click on NEW GAME.
Nuovo gioco
The field TOT shows the total amount played Totale
In Black Jack single player, drawings are randomly generated and results are different for each player.
Each bet is recorded in the Bet list.  
To repeat the same bet as the last one placed you should click on LAST

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