30et40 Rules

30et40 live30 et 40 ( Trente et Quarante ) is one of the easiest and most fascinating European Casino games to play.

The game entails four "Simple bets": two at a time in oppositiion between them;Red or Black and Colour or Inverse ; all four simple chances are paid even.

The playing cards have the following values: aces are worth 1 point, picture cards 10 points, all the remaining cards are worth their nominal value.

The croupier starts lining up two rows of cards: the first row is the Black row, the second row is the Red row.

Then the croupier draws as many cards as needed for each row, to reach a total score of between 31 and 40 points (drawing stops when a score between 31 and 40 is reached). The winning row is the one where the total score is closest to 30 points. (Eg.: The first row totals 34 points, the second 37 points, Black is the winner because 34 is the score closest to 30 points).

Couleur and Inverse are given by the suit of the first card drawn on the first row.

  • If the first card is red (hearts or diamonds) and the row wins, the Inverse wins;
  • If the first card is red and the Red row wins, the Couleur wins;
  • If the first card is black (spades or clubs) and the Black row wins, Couleur wins;
  • If the first card is black and the Red row wins, Inverse wins.

Apart from the ?simple bet? we also give the opportunity to bet on Aprés (same score) and the bet is paid 8:1, and on exact Aprés the bet is paid 39:1.
To be able to bet on the Aprés it is necessary to have betted on the simple chance first. When the score given on a row totals 31 points all the bets on the simple chance loose half of the stake.
The user has the possibility to choose from 7 types of tables, with different limits according to the following table.

To avoid attacks with double amounts (of the types: 1, 2, 4, 8) on the simple chances a control system is predisposed that it breaks off the amount on all the tables, after the third action, permitting after the fourth action onwards to stake a sum equal to the previous stake plus 50%.

The drawing time of the cards in the single player version will be run by the user, so the results will be different for each user, that in any case will have in their disposition a list of bettings to verify all the relative information of their own business.

The drawing time in the multiplayer version will be run by the system: the user will have 20 minutes to bet and confirm, after other 5 minutes the drawing of the cards will occur; the total will be of 40 minutes for every valid stake; if the betting is not confirmed the user will receive a messagge of a non-confirmation.

In the live version, the drawing timings are managed by Croupier.

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